Q: What is the order process?

A: 1. Order with credit/debit card or send us the money order/western union.

     2. We will send you the molding kit once we receive the payment. 

     3. Make the mold, and send them back to us.

     4. We will make the gold teeth once we receive the mold from you. 

Q: Can I pay with personal check?

A: No, we do not accept personal check.

Q : There is nothing wrong with the credit card, but why can't I make the payment ?

A : Make sure you put the correct information.

Q: Why did my grillz tarnished?

A: There are many reason for this.  1. You did not clean your grillz everyday. 2. You smoke, drink or eat with grillz. 3. Saliva is too strong for your current carat/silver.

Q: What can I do to fix this problem?

A: We recommend you to upgrade your grillz.  Ex: silver-10k, 10k-14k, 14k-18k. 

Q : What do I do if I received the wrong design?

A : Send us the gold teeth, mold, and unfit/wrong design form.

Q : Why doesn’t my gold teeth fit properly?

A : It means that the mold was not made properly.

Q : What can I do to fix this problem?

A : Print off the unfit/wrong design form, and send them with gold teeth, and the mold. 

Q : What if my name, and address on the billing and shipping address is different?

A :. Make sure you call us, and verify your payment. 2. Pay with money order/money order

Q: What happen if I do not verify my payment?

A: We will void your order.

Q : How many percent of gold is in 10k gold?

A : 10k: 41.6% 14k: 58.5% gold 18k 75% gold

Q : What carat does the specialist recommend?

A : A specialist recommends the 14kgold.

Q : What is the shine service?

A : We can shine and old gold teeth to make it look like brand new ( only $30)

Q : What is the remake service?

We will melt down a old gold teeth to make a new one. If it is made by 14kgoldteeth.com (stamp on the back) Then we can deduct the price. ($10 credit per tooth 10k, 14k, 18k)

*If it is made by other company (we do not know if the company used the exact amount of gold) $5 credit per tooth 10k, 14k, 18k.