gold teeth grillz -290 top & bottom grillz

gold teeth grillz -290 top & bottom grillz

gold teeth grillz - G180

  Featuring our original style Gold teeth that provide you with all the jewelry you need to be  stylish. This one of a kind gold teeth is custom made by our certified specialists.                      The gold  teeth will fit perfectly and shine brightly in your mouth.                                               

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gold teeth grillz - G180

6pc gold teeth

We guarantee real gold!!!

Gold teeth buyers from all over the world seek out the company that uses the exact amount of gold in a product. is the only company that guarantees to use the exact percent of gold in the gold teeth. Every product from is custom made and has a stamp on the back to indicate the purity of the gold. 

10k gold teeth - 41.6% gold

14k gold teeth - 58.5% gold

18k gold teeth - 75% gold

This product is not intended for any medical purposes. 

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