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Custom Gold Grillz

Many people ask themselves, “Where can I buy gold teeth?” We have the answer for you. Here at 14kgoldteeth, we provide real gold grillz in all different shapes, pieces, sizes, and grade. In order to offer our customers the best gold teeth, we make our products in sterling silver, yellow gold, and white gold. Our yellow gold and white gold can be made in 10k, 14k, and 18k. Many people also worry if our gold in our products is plated. The answer to that is no. Our gold used in our product is 100% real and not plated, so customers can be assured that their newly purchased merchandise will be 100% authentic gold.  Our website is easily accessible no matter where you are located. Customers can access our website through computer, tablet, or mobile devices. Our website is rated as “the #1 best online gold teeth business in the world.” On our website, our products are categorized into easy sub-categories, so that customers can easily navigate throughout our site. Some of the products that you can find in our website include: top, bottom, iced out, and deep cut grillz. Read More


      Gold teeth is a very popular trend that is on the rise in today’s world. It is not just a set of teeth that fit into your mouth, but it is rather known to be a type of jewelry. The product is specifically categorized into hip hop jewelry, and many of the hip hop and rap fans wear it. Custom gold teeth is not only for the fans, but also the rappers themselves wear it as well. Many different fans wear grillz, such as the fans of the rising star Post Malone, fans of the hip hop mogul Jay-Z, and fans of the rap superstar Lil Wayne. These are only a few of the many different celebrities who proudly wear these luxury items. Although the trend of real gold teeth began with hip hop and rap, nowadays, everybody is wearing them. First, Jay-Z wore them and then along came Beyonce who now has a pair of her own. Pop singer Katy Perry even has a pair of her own that she proudly wears with a great big smile as she walked the red carpet for the MTV Music Awards. Non-music artists, such as model Kendall Jenner, magnificently wears her pair even overseas in London. As viewers can see, this fashion style is not only limited to a certain group of people. This custom made product is for all ages, all genders, and all types of people.

Custom gold grillz is a product that is custom made to fit your teeth. Because everyone’s teeth differ in size and shape, there is no one way to make a type of product to fit perfectly. That is why people want a custom made product. The product is tailored to fit flawlessly into their teeth. Here, at 14kgoldteeth, we want to help everyone get their own affordable custom grillz. With today’s technology and advancements, we can create an imprint of the mouth and turn it into a glamorous product.

All of our gold teeth are created using real gold and silver. None of our products are plated, so the items are 100% guaranteed authentic. As seen through celebrities and rappers, each person has a different style, which means that their real grillz will also vary in style as well. We know that each person has a different style and preference, so we offer different types of products to accommodate the needs of our customers. We offer the yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and silver metals. Yellow gold is a classic, timeless metal that has been around for centuries. White gold has not been around as long as yellow gold, but it does offer a modern twist. Rose gold has been one of the trending metals that everyone enjoys. Silver is another metal that has been around for centuries, and it is a popular choice for accessories. Many people choose different karats of gold due to preference, so we offer our gold grillz in different karats to accustom to our clients. In general, the number of karats is determined by the amount of gold used in the product. The higher the karat number is, the more gold there will be in the product. Our yellow gold comes in 10k, 14k, and 18k. Also, both of our white and rose gold come in 10k and 14k. We use 925 sterling silver for all of our silver grillz. We offer a range of pieces from 4pc to 8pc and even gold teeth caps. There are options for every category that customers won’t be able to refuse.

Customers can also decide which style they would like. Our designers hand craft each design with precision so the designs on the items are impeccable. There is a wide range of styles that we offer. Some styles are more simplistic, such as the solid gold teeth, but other styles can be more sophisticated, such as the diamond grillz. There are also other unique designs such as the open cut, deep cut, diamond cuts, and diamond dust designs. No matter what design customers may choose, their custom teeth will look fabulous on them.


Are grillz safe to wear?

     Wearing grillz has been an increasing trend over the years. Commoners and even celebrities have been identified for wearing grillz. This style is a great way to show your personality to the world with a big, flashy smile. Many have seen celebrities and others with this dazzling look, but they may ask themselves if it is safe for them to wear. Our gold grillz are very safe to wear. People may have doubts whether or not the product is safe for them. While some other places sell plated teeth or mixed metal teeth, our company does not use any harmful metals or chemicals that can harm your mouth. At 14kgoldteeth, we use real gold and real silver. All of our gold products are stamped on the back to indicate the purity of the gold. Currently, we do not offer permanent gold teeth, but our product does have a permanent look, so customers can confidently wear their custom gold teeth and remove it at a later time. Since all of our products are custom made, the item should fit properly onto the teeth. Customers should wear their teeth with reason and properly clean it after each wear. As long as these tips are practiced, there should be no harm in their dental health.


Gold Teeth Online

     Get cheap custom grillz here at 14kgoldteeth! Nowadays, people have hectic schedules even on the weekends. Some may even wonder if they will ever have time to go to the store. As the population keeps increasing, and more and more people are driving cars to take themselves places, it cannot be helped that traffic is also increasing. Depending on the location, it may even take some people hours to get to the nearest store to order a set of yellow gold grillz. For those with busy schedules or for those who just don’t want to leave the house, we have the perfect solution for you. We are an online company, so we will basically come to you! There will be no need to get into a transportation vehicle and search for the nearest store. Our process is convenient for the customer, and it is also a hassle-free process. As soon as the order is placed, our team will ship out the molding kit to receive an imprint of the client’s teeth. Another convenience for the client is that there is a prepaid return postage so there will be no need to find a box and purchase a postage. All of that will be taken care of at our courtesy. The final product will be sent to the customer and the customer can happily open his or her anticipated package and flash a huge, shiny smile.