Silver Gold Grillz

Gold teeth are becoming more and more popular each year. Many decades ago, only the top celebrities of the hip hop music industry wore them, but now times are changing. Sure enough the Hollywood A-listers wear their diamond encrusted teeth to red carpet events and opening movie nights, but do people know that commoners wear them as well? Walking through the streets of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta, people are wearing this fashion statement everywhere they go. The rising hip hop artists, the man at the shop, the teenagers playing basketball, even the retired veterans are all wearing this fashion statement. This is not a trend. Trends come and go, but grillz will last for eternity. 

Custom grillz are more affordable than ever. At 14kgoldteeth, we offer the lowest prices of all the online stores. Don’t try to purchase the cheap premade teeth where it is a one-size-fits-all kind of product. The premade products are uncomfortable because it is one standard size when everyone’s teeth is shaped a different way. Rather, our affordable custom products are where the real deal is at. All of our products are custom made which means that the final product will fit perfectly and comfortably into your mouth. But how can we create products that fit perfectly to each and every person?

In order to create the perfect teeth, all of our teeth come with a free molding kit. These molding kits are the essential pieces to creating the perfect teeth. If people follow all the directions that come with the kit carefully, then the mold will be perfect. However, if people miss a step or do not follow all of the directions to its entirety, then there is a high chance that the final teeth will not fit perfectly. We highly advise following the directions the first time around so that people will receive their teeth in a timely manner. Otherwise, there may be a delay if another mold needs to be completed due to the first one being incorrectly done. 

So what types of products do we offer? One of the most popular styles that we offer is our silver grills. Silver teeth have become increasingly popular due to its affordability. Silver is cheaper than yellow gold and white gold. Some people also purchase silver teeth because it is a good alternative to white gold teeth. For a similar look, silver teeth is about a fraction of the price of white gold teeth, for those who are on the line due to affordability. Although there are some differences between silver teeth and white gold teeth, if people can overlook the differences, then the silver is a good option to choose. Silver is also a good metal to choose because it can match with other metals. Silver can be paired with yellow gold or rose gold and still look great. Nowadays, more and more people are mixing and matching different metals to assemble their outfit. 

At our online store, we offer 925 sterling silver. The silver products are beautiful when finished. It will make a big difference when you smile and show off your teeth. We offer our silver teeth in a variety of pieces such as a 1pc, 2pc, 3pc, 4pc, 5pc, 6pc, 8pc, and even a 10pc. Because we make custom teeth, the number of pieces is up to you. You can decide to have a 1pc or even request to have a 10pc. After deciding on the number of pieces, the next step is to pick the design. Our website offers hundreds of different designs to choose from. We have a design for every person, and if none of our designs are to your liking, you can request your own personal design since we make custom teeth. 

Some of our most popular designs include the solid, permanent cut, deep cut, open face, iced out, diamond cut, and diamond dust. The solid design is the classic yet simple raw look of just the teeth. Depending on the type of metal, it will be either yellow gold, white gold, or silver. The permanent cut and deep cut are similar with a slight difference. While both the permanent cut and deep cut are a little thicker than the standard, the lining of each teeth is cut deeper to look more natual to the teeth. The only difference between the two designs is that the permanent cut has a more natural look to it than the deep cut. The open face design is also a popular design. This design has a cutout of the tooth so that it has a border to the shape of your tooth. The white part of the enamel will show through the front face of your tooth. This is why the name is called open face. The next design is the iced out. The iced out designs are one of our most popular designs because it shines like no other. The entire face of the teeth are encrusted with cubic zirconias to give off a shine from any angle. This design is what many celebrities have except our store offers them at a fraction of the cost because it is made with cubic zirconias rather than real diamonds. Upon request, we can create iced out teeth with real diamonds with a custom order. The diamond cut designs are also very popular. This design is created with etches in the face of the teeth that resemble the cuts of a diamond when in the light. Diamond cuts also shine very brightly at different angles. Our newest design to our store is the diamond dust. The diamond dust design has the appearance of diamond flakes sprinkled onto the face of the teeth. Therefore, it shines so brightly at all angles. While there are endless possibilities of designs to choose from, if there is not a design to your liking on our website, you can simply create a custom order with our customer service representative. The process is quick and simple and you can decide on a design that is symbolic and meaningful to you.