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Gold Teeth Price

How much does it cost to get grillz?

Gold teeth is a great investment piece to have in your wardrobe. You can dress it up or down and wear it to all different kinds of events and activities. You can wear grillz to run a simple task or you can wear it on the red carpet, like Katy Perry. Because there are so many different factors that are included when pricing gold grillz, we cannot give an exact cost. However, at 14kgoldteeth, our products range from as low as $70 to as high as $1,500. The price range varies so much because it all depends on the material type and process time. The more gold the product uses and the more complex the design,the longer it will take for our designers to create the product. That is why the price range varies greatly. We offer products as simple as a silver grillz to as complex as an 18k yellow gold iced out eight piece. Overall, there are many factors to consider when pricing grillz. It all depends on the type of metal, the number of pieces that customers want their product to have, and the type of designs that they want. For example, an 18k yellow gold iced out four piece product will be more expensive than a 14k yellow gold solid four piece product because the 18k product will use more gold and also uses cubic zirconias. 

Our gold teeth are more expensive than pre-made grillz because all of our gold teeth are not plated. Whereas other companies sell pre-made products for simple usage, our company creates authentic, real silver and gold products to customize and tailor to each customer’s preferences. Here at 14kgoldteeth, we offer lower prices than any other companies because we want all of our customers to experience their own custom gold teeth at an affordable price. Whether customers choose silver or yellow gold, four or six piece, or solid or iced out, customers have the control of creating their own perfect product at their convenience. Purchasing removable gold teeth offers a permanent look at a fraction of the cost of actual permanent teeth. While other companies overcharge on their products, we do not. With affordable products at the convenience of ordering online and having everything shipped quickly to the door, our customers are ecstatic to purchase their own set of grillz without having to break the bank.

Are grillz bad for your teeth?

Currently, there are no studies that prove wearing gold teeth is harmful, but there is also no studies that prove that wearing gold teeth for extended periods of time is safe for your teeth. Normally, wearing grillz is not bad for your teeth if you maintain good hygiene. There are many different precautions to consider while wearing the teeth. People should read about the company that they are purchasing from before they actually go through with the purchase. There are many companies nowadays who do not use authentic silver and gold to create the products but rather create products using cheaper alternatives that may harm the teeth. Our company does not use non-precious metals that may irritate or initiate metal-allergic reactions. Our company uses real silver and real gold to create all of our gold teeth, so the products will not harm the teeth. All of our products are indicated with the purity of the gold on the item.

There are also other safety measures to consider when wearing grillz. People should not wear their teeth for extended periods of time. Most importantly, people should not wear their teeth overnight as it may cause further damage, especially since some people grind their jaw while sleeping. Grillz should always be removed before eating or drinking because food debris may become stuck inside the grillz and produce bacteria, if it is not cleaned immediately. In addition, people should pay special attention to brushing and flossing as any buildup in the natural enamel of the teeth may become stuck in the grillz and allow bacteria to grow and produce acids. If acid is produced, it may cause tooth decay, if left untreated, and it may also cause oral gum damage. The bacteria buildup in the grillz can also contribute to bad breath, so the grillz should be cleaned daily to remove bacteria and food debris. People should clean their grillz with warm water, a soft bristle toothbrush, and non-grainy toothpaste. It is crucially important that people do not clean their grillz with jewelry cleaners or shiners, as ingredients in those products may be dangerous to ingest. As long as people practice common sense while wearing their gold teeth, it will not be harmful to the teeth. 

How do grillz stay on your teeth?

Some people may think that the grillz will pop right off once placed on your teeth. Our company is a custom gold teeth company, which means that we make custom gold grillz that fit into your teeth perfectly. We provide a molding kit so that customers can create an impression of their teeth. With the finished impressions, our designers create the custom product using the impression of the teeth so the product will fit into the teeth perfectly. The finished product will not be too tight or too loose. It will be perfectly snug in the teeth and it should be comfortable to wear. Our company does not sell pre-made products, so our custom fit products will not hurt your teeth.However, the impression of the teeth is critically important as the grillz will come out perfectly if the mold is perfect, or made correctly. If the finished product does not fit, then the mold was made incorrectly. When putting on the newly created product, customers should be careful and adjust accordingly to the desired fit. When removing the product, customers should not use force but gently remove the teeth, as it will come right off. Customers should pay special attention when creating the impression of the teeth by using and following the directions in the molding kit.

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Custom Gold Teeth Grillz – Molding Kit

Customers often ask us “how do you make grillz that will fit my teeth?” We, here at 14kgoldteeth, make custom gold teeth that will fit your teeth perfectly. When customers place an order for their custom teeth with us, they will receive a molding kit first. We provide two molding kits for every merchandise purchased. Customers will receive two molding kits if they purchase a top, two molding kits if they purchase a bottom, and a total of 4 molding kits if they purchase a set of top and bottom. We provide an extra molding kit for each row of teeth (top and bottom) because we know that accidents happen. We want our customers to be able to replicate an exact impression of their teeth for their highly anticipated merchandise, so we provide an additional molding kit. Customers can then create an impression of their teeth with both of the molding kits for their custom items purchased. 

How do you make an impression of your teeth with the molding kit so that your custom product will fit? We have the solution to that question for you. Inside each molding kit, we provide instructions on how to create the perfect mold of your teeth to make the most accurate item. Inside each kit, we provide two putties (one white and one purple), two trays, instruction sheet for your impression, and a return package label. We highly recommend customers to wash their hands with soap and warm water before beginning the molding process to remove any debris, dirt, and dust from being transferred to the mold. Once you wash your hands, remove both the putties from its individual bag and quickly mix the two putties until the color of both putties solidifies into one color. The two putties will turn into a blue color once it is fully mixed together. As soon as the putty is mixed into one color, quickly align the putty into the tray evenly. Some customers have trouble fitting the tray into their mouth, but the easiest way to fit the tray is to extend one side of your mouth with your hand and fit the tray in one side at a time until the tray is fully in your mouth.Once the putty is in the tray, quickly but carefully bite down into the tray of your designated teeth for five to seven minutes. This step is very important – as little movement of your mold can mess up the entire mold and imperfect the finished product. Do not move or attempt to speak during the five to seven minutes and ensure that you bite down into the mold all the way up to your gum line. Once the time is up, remove the tray from your mouth by tugging it straight up or down, depending whether you purchased a top or bottom. Do not attempt to wiggle the tray as this may mess up the mold and may result in an unfit finished product. Once the tray is removed from your mouth, do not remove the mold from the tray and rinse the entire mold, including the tray, in cold water. After you rinse with cold water, let the mold and tray air dry. Once completely dry, place the completed mold inside the given bag and put it in the return package. Repeat the entire process again for the second mold, and you’re one step closer in achieving that perfect mold. There is a tracking number that is provided in the return package for your convenience so that you may track the package to see when it will be returned back to us. Now all you have to do is wait for your package to arrive at your doorstep!

We provide two molding kits because it is crucial that the mold is made correctly in order to create a precise product. Once we receive the molding kits, we will choose the better mold and our designers will then begin to construct the meticulous process of the highly anticipated gold teeth grillz. If we find that the molding kit is not properly made or is damaged, we will provide one additional molding kit free of charge. However, if the one additional molding kit that was provided free of charge still happens to not be properly made so that we cannot create the perfect product, any additional molding kit that is needed will be charged each for $20, in addition to taxes and shipping & handling fees. If both of the initial set of molds do not come out properly and cannot be used to create the custom product, our customer service team will give you a call and guide you through the next steps of the molding kit process. Our representatives will help guide you so that you can make the perfect mold for your specially crafted product. If you do not receive any calls regarding the molds that you sent in, that means that your molds came out correctly and is currently under special care of our highly talented designers in the merchandise making process. If you are unsure whether or not your molds came out correctly, please feel free to give us a call or email us, with your first and last name and your inquiry, and our customer service team will be happy to check on the molding kit for you so that all you have to do now is wait for your handmade custom package.

In order for every customer to experience the unique and fun process of making their impression mold and making it a memorable experience, we always have a customer service representative who is ready to answer your questions. If for any reason you have a question or are confused about any of the directions listed on the instruction sheet or the entire molding process in general, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (404) 477-7701.


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Custom Gold Grillz

        Many people ask themselves, “Where can I buy gold teeth?” We have
the answer for you. Here at 14kgoldteeth, we provide real grillz in all
different shapes, pieces, sizes, and grade. In order to offer our
customers the best products, we make our products in sterling silver
and yellow and white gold. Our yellow and white authentic slugs can
be made in 10k, 14k, and 18k. Many people also worry if our metals
in our products is plated. The answer to that is no. Our metals used in
our product is 100% real and not plated, so customers can be
assured that their newly purchased merchandise will be 100%
authentic.  Our website is easily accessible no matter where you are
located. Customers can access our website through computer, tablet,
or mobile devices. Our website is rated as “the #1 best online gold
teeth business in the world.” On our website, our products are
categorized into easy sub-categories, so that customers can easily
navigate throughout our site. Some of the products that you can find
on our website include: top, bottom, iced out, and deep cut gold

Custom Grillz Molding Kit

     If customers cannot find the design that they are looking for, we offer
a custom-design process where customers can request for a specific
design that is to their liking. Our two-step shipping process is simple.
We first send out the molding kit and provide a paid return package
included. Customers simply make the mold of their mouth with the
instructions provided in the package and send the mold back in the
paid return package. Once we receive the mold at our company, our
designers quickly but precisely turn the mold to its perfection and ship
it back out to the customer. Our customers will be able to receive
their product within a quick turnaround timeframe. All of our
merchandise are 100% handmade, with precision, so customers can
be reassured that their purchase is being carefully made. Our
designers spend a great amount of time on each item so that each
product is accurately crafted. For our iced out products, our designers
carefully place each crystal, one by one, to its perfection. The
purpose of our product is specifically for jewelry purposes. Our products are not meant for any medical purposes, teeth
replacements, or dental procedures.

Company History

     Our company was first started in 1997 in New York City. Due to our
increasing popularity, our team then dispersed out into the major
cities such as Los Angeles and Atlanta. Our headquarters is now
located in Atlanta, Georgia, where we attract many loyal customers
who are in need to style their mouth with bedazzled crystals. Often
referred to as “grillz”, or “slugs”, our product is truly one of a kind. Our
designers are truly important to us as they dedicate their
craftsmanship and meticulous skills in making fine jewelry. All of our
merchandise are handmade by the finest designers, and customers
can inspect their products for perfection. All of the products at our
company are known for its unique design and quality. Whether
customers want something simple as stars and fangs to white
diamond cuts in their merchandise, we offer it all. Here at
14kgoldteeth, we offer the cheapest prices online. However, we offer
the best quality custom grillz for the best price in town. We offer the
lowest price for our handmade merchandise because we want every
customer to be able to experience the best product in the world.
Because we value every customer who shops with us, we offer
exemplary customer service across all of our divisions. Customers
can call us anytime, and if we do not answer the call, we give a return
call within the span of a few minutes. Customers can also contact us
through email, where we have a representative who replies quickly
and efficiently to every email received. On our website, we offer an
online chat where customers can immediately ask questions about
our products and receive responses from our online chat
representative about any item that they may have questions on.
Whether our customers have questions regarding pricing, shipping, or
the design of their wanted item, our online chat representative has
the answer to each and every question for the customers who takes
advantage of our online chatting system. Our customer service
representatives are always available and will be happy to assist any
customer in purchasing their perfect product. We would love for our
customers to get involved with us. We have a social media director
who personally manages our Instagram page @14kgoldteeth. Our
Instagram page has wonderful pictures of the different types of
products we make, our happy customers with their purchase, and

special promotions. As you can see, the best place to buy custom
slugs is right here on our site. We are truly proud of the products and
services that we have to offer each and every customer. Our product
is rated as the best in the world, and we would love for everyone to
experience our fine quality grillz.