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Buying Custom Gold Grillz Online

More and more people are looking for new ways to accessorize
themselves. People all over the world love to show others their best
selves and that mindset is certainly not going to disappear anytime
soon. What can people do to impress not only themselves but
others? One of the best ways is by wearing bedazzled jewelry. Not
only can people wear necklaces, rings, and bracelets, people can
also wear jewelry in their mouth. People like to look at others when
they walk or talk so the best place to accessorize is your mouth. How
is that possible? The answer is gold teeth. This piece of jewelry is
one of the best ways to show others your best self. People will be
looking and talking about you and your nice teeth. There has been an
increase of people wearing them, but where exactly can we get
them? The answer is right here.
At 14kgoldteeth, we sell custom grillz to attend to everyone’s needs.
We only sell custom made pieces because we want everyone to
enjoy their own jewelry. Our products are not a one-size-fits-all type
of product. Each and every product we make is exclusive to the
customer. Everyone’s teeth are a different size and shape, so the
products need to attend to the specific teeth. That way, it will fit
comfortably for each person.
Recently, there has been an increase in the different types of metals
out in the market. From sterling silver to white gold, the opportunities
are exuberant. But, it is important to know that each person has his or
her preference. Therefore, we offer different types of metals to ensure
everyone receives the perfect product. Our online store offers sterling
silver, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. A great way to
distinguish yourself from others is by wearing rose gold. Rose gold
itself is a fashion statement, and it is also one of the most popular
options that we carry. Not many people are familiar with rose gold as
they are with silver and yellow gold. So, what exactly is rose gold?
Rose gold is a type of metal that is a combination of yellow gold and
certain types of alloy. After combining the two, the product is rose
gold. Rose gold has a pinkish tint to it and many people associate it
as more feminine. However, rose gold is not only for women, but men
can also style it as well. Rose gold grillz is more expensive than
yellow gold, dental gold, and silver because it is additionally mixed
with other types of alloy. The durability of rose gold is longer than silver because it is mixed with gold, and the result of the rose gold
grillz is shinier. We also offer 10k and 14k rose gold. In general, the
higher the number of karats, the more gold the product uses.
Therefore, the cost of the product increases as the number of karats
increases. The benefits of deciding on a higher karat item is that it is
higher durability and the product will last longer than a smaller karat
item. The product will also shine brighter with higher karats. However,
images of rose gold products may not be found online, but it is
available through a custom order over the phone.
While choosing the type of metal is important, the design of the item
is important as well. The metal is what the item is being created from,
but the design is what people see. Some people decide on products
that are flashy, such as diamonds, diamond cuts, or diamond dust.
Others prefer a simple look, such as solid, open face, or deep cut.
The decision is up to you. Depending on what each customer wants,
we have designs for it all. Our most popular option is the rose gold
solid design. The solid design is a classic, timeless piece that will last
a long time. It can be worn either dressed up or down. Other designs
that are popular include the diamond dust and diamond cuts. These
are etchings into the solid design to give the effect of a bling.
Diamond dust and diamond cut designs are also pieces that can be
dressed up or down. The fancier design is the iced out design. We
offer the iced out design and the flooded design. These designs use
either cubic zirconias or authentic diamonds to create a bedazzled
appeal to the products. The iced out and flooded designs are the
designs that many of the celebrities wear on the red carpet. Once you
smile with these on, it goes completely noticeable. Everyone will be
staring in awe at the bedazzled jewels on your teeth.
There are other designs such as the open face, where part of the
enamel on your teeth shows. This is a more unique design for those
who want to have a different type of design. There are also designs
that make the grillz look very natural to your teeth. These designs
include the deep cut and permanent cut. The deep cut is a little
bulkier because the line between each tooth is exaggerated. The
permanent cut is similar to the deep cut except that the permanent
cut looks more natural than the deep cut. We also offer Florida style
grills, which are the same as our deep cuts. Regardless of the design
people choose, people walking down the street will be staring at you and your teeth, and they’ll probably be thinking that they want one

Celebrities on the red carpet, hip hop artists, and reality tv stars all
wear rose gold grills. Rose gold is a sign of wealth and fashion, so
many people want to wear it. The tint of the rose gold looks
immaculate on any skin type, and no matter how you wear it, it still
looks great. Celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna are known to have
worn rose gold grillz on the red carpet before. Rose gold jewelry is
on the rise and people will continue to look for rose colored products.
Make sure you get your own rose gold grills and show them off to the
world with your bright, happy smile.

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White Gold Teeth Grillz

The majority of people in the world want to look their best at all times.
People want to match their clothes to their accessories in order for
them to stand out from the crowd. Many people want others to notice
their amazing style while others simply want to dress their best in
order to feel their best. People tend to follow the latest fashion trends
and keep up with all of the current styles. People rely on the fashion
designers, celebrities, and others in order to find a style that they can
relate to. Fashion designers display their latest fashion during the
infamous fashion weeks held in New York, Europe, and other
countries around the world. Celebrities such as the Kardashians, the
Jenners, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Kanye West, and others have a
reputation of their own so they follow the fashion trends that suit them
best. Kylie Jenner launched her own cosmetics line, including her
infamous lip kit, and pretty soon, the entire world was demanding for
them and the lip kit sold out within minutes of its launch.
Similar to these fashion trends that people go crazy for, within the hip
hop and rap culture, we have our own infamous fashion statement:
gold teeth. The hip hop stars such as Drake, Rihanna, and Jay-Z are
known for wearing this fashion accessory. The trend has gotten so
big that even non- hip hop stars wear them. The number of people
wearing this fashion statement is growing exponentially. The number
of cities that are demanding more grillz are increasing. From New
York in the northeast, Atlanta and Florida in the South, and Los
Angeles in the West, the number of people wearing the prominent
accessory is at its peak, and the numbers are increasing every
second, every day. For those people who have not already hopped
on the bandwagon, they will surely find themselves buying a pair
sooner or later.
Just like how the world is a diverse place with all different types of
people, the world of gold grillz is relatively the same. There are
many different types of designs, metals, and pieces to choose from.
One of the most popular options we carry is the white gold teeth.
White gold is different from yellow gold because it is gold mixed with
different alloys. Compared to the other metals that we carry, the price
of white gold is more expensive than dental gold, yellow gold, and
silver because there are more metals that are being used to make
white gold. Although many people may say that white gold and silver
look similar, there is a huge difference between the two. Even though

at first glance white gold and silver may look the same, eventually the
difference between the two metals will stand out drastically. White
gold lasts much longer than silver and the shine does not go away as
quickly as silver. Silver, on the other hand, tends to tarnish at a much
faster rate than white gold. So in the long run, although silver is much
cheaper, the durability of the white gold will last longer.
Here at 14kgoldteeth, we offer custom grillz in white gold in 10k and
14k. The 10k white gold consists of 41.6% gold while the 14k white
gold consists of 58.5% gold. The higher the number of karats, the
higher the percentage of gold in the product. A product that has a
higher karat number will last longer and will maintain its color and
shine longer as well.
Along with white gold, we also offer our teeth in many different styles
and designs. One of our newest designs is the diamond dust design,
which is a visual of the surface of the teeth to resemble that of small
diamond dust scattered all over it. Under the light, the diamond dust
style shines ever so brightly at all angles. For those who want to be
extravagant, we also offer the diamond design, which is small actual
diamonds in one of the three different grades: SI, VVS, and VS.
These authentic diamonds are then placed to the design that the
customer chooses, whether it be iced out, flooded, or bordered. As
opposed to the authentic diamonds, we offer the iced out design,
which is a similar look to the diamond design without using real
diamonds. The stones that we use for the iced out design is cubic
zirconia, which is a clear stone that appears to look similar to the
diamonds although not as shiny. Another popular design is the
diamond cut, which are etchings into the face of the tooth in order to
resemble shine like a diamond. There is also the princess cut, which
is a diamond cut into the shape of a square-like princess diamond. A
popular design is also the open face, which is a cutout of the center
face to display the enamel through the cutout while leaving a border
along the tooth. Next, we have the permanent cut, where the spaces
in between the teeth are deeper with a more natural appearance. On
the other hand, we also have the deep cut, where the spaces in
between the teeth are deeper but does not appear to look as natural.
Finally, we have the classic solid design, which has no design, cuts,
stones, or etchings on the face of the tooth. Many people ask us if we

offer Florida style grillz, and the answer to that is yes. The Florida
style is the same as the deep cut style that we offer.
Customers can also choose the number of pieces that they would like
and also the position of the teeth. Customers can choose to add
extended fangs for more of a vampire-like feel. With so many
possibilities and combinations, we would like all of our customers to
choose carefully when picking their design. We want all of our
customers to be more than satisfied with their hand-picked design
because it will be a fashion statement that will last a lifetime with
proper care.

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Silver Gold Grillz

Gold teeth are becoming more and more popular each year. Many decades ago, only the top celebrities of the hip hop music industry wore them, but now times are changing. Sure enough the Hollywood A-listers wear their diamond encrusted teeth to red carpet events and opening movie nights, but do people know that commoners wear them as well? Walking through the streets of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta, people are wearing this fashion statement everywhere they go. The rising hip hop artists, the man at the shop, the teenagers playing basketball, even the retired veterans are all wearing this fashion statement. This is not a trend. Trends come and go, but grillz will last for eternity. 

Custom grillz are more affordable than ever. At 14kgoldteeth, we offer the lowest prices of all the online stores. Don’t try to purchase the cheap premade teeth where it is a one-size-fits-all kind of product. The premade products are uncomfortable because it is one standard size when everyone’s teeth is shaped a different way. Rather, our affordable custom products are where the real deal is at. All of our products are custom made which means that the final product will fit perfectly and comfortably into your mouth. But how can we create products that fit perfectly to each and every person?

In order to create the perfect teeth, all of our teeth come with a free molding kit. These molding kits are the essential pieces to creating the perfect teeth. If people follow all the directions that come with the kit carefully, then the mold will be perfect. However, if people miss a step or do not follow all of the directions to its entirety, then there is a high chance that the final teeth will not fit perfectly. We highly advise following the directions the first time around so that people will receive their teeth in a timely manner. Otherwise, there may be a delay if another mold needs to be completed due to the first one being incorrectly done. 

So what types of products do we offer? One of the most popular styles that we offer is our silver grills. Silver teeth have become increasingly popular due to its affordability. Silver is cheaper than yellow gold and white gold. Some people also purchase silver teeth because it is a good alternative to white gold teeth. For a similar look, silver teeth is about a fraction of the price of white gold teeth, for those who are on the line due to affordability. Although there are some differences between silver teeth and white gold teeth, if people can overlook the differences, then the silver is a good option to choose. Silver is also a good metal to choose because it can match with other metals. Silver can be paired with yellow gold or rose gold and still look great. Nowadays, more and more people are mixing and matching different metals to assemble their outfit. 

At our online store, we offer 925 sterling silver. The silver products are beautiful when finished. It will make a big difference when you smile and show off your teeth. We offer our silver teeth in a variety of pieces such as a 1pc, 2pc, 3pc, 4pc, 5pc, 6pc, 8pc, and even a 10pc. Because we make custom teeth, the number of pieces is up to you. You can decide to have a 1pc or even request to have a 10pc. After deciding on the number of pieces, the next step is to pick the design. Our website offers hundreds of different designs to choose from. We have a design for every person, and if none of our designs are to your liking, you can request your own personal design since we make custom teeth. 

Some of our most popular designs include the solid, permanent cut, deep cut, open face, iced out, diamond cut, and diamond dust. The solid design is the classic yet simple raw look of just the teeth. Depending on the type of metal, it will be either yellow gold, white gold, or silver. The permanent cut and deep cut are similar with a slight difference. While both the permanent cut and deep cut are a little thicker than the standard, the lining of each teeth is cut deeper to look more natual to the teeth. The only difference between the two designs is that the permanent cut has a more natural look to it than the deep cut. The open face design is also a popular design. This design has a cutout of the tooth so that it has a border to the shape of your tooth. The white part of the enamel will show through the front face of your tooth. This is why the name is called open face. The next design is the iced out. The iced out designs are one of our most popular designs because it shines like no other. The entire face of the teeth are encrusted with cubic zirconias to give off a shine from any angle. This design is what many celebrities have except our store offers them at a fraction of the cost because it is made with cubic zirconias rather than real diamonds. Upon request, we can create iced out teeth with real diamonds with a custom order. The diamond cut designs are also very popular. This design is created with etches in the face of the teeth that resemble the cuts of a diamond when in the light. Diamond cuts also shine very brightly at different angles. Our newest design to our store is the diamond dust. The diamond dust design has the appearance of diamond flakes sprinkled onto the face of the teeth. Therefore, it shines so brightly at all angles. While there are endless possibilities of designs to choose from, if there is not a design to your liking on our website, you can simply create a custom order with our customer service representative. The process is quick and simple and you can decide on a design that is symbolic and meaningful to you. 

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Yellow Gold Teeth Grillz

One of the rising trends among Hollywood stars, artists, and commoners, is yellow gold teeth. There have been many instances where celebrities have been spotted on the red carpet events with these in their mouth. While some people are not aware of this trend, many others are jumping on the bandwagon and supporting this style. Recently, a new rising hip hop artist known by the name of Lil Nas X has been seen on the silver screen sporting a pair of diamond grillz. Even celebrities who have been around for decades, such as Kanye West and Jay-Z, have also been seen wearing them as well. This style is not only around for hip hop artists, but pop artists have also worn them, such as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Nowadays, reality stars have also worn the increasing trend on major events, such as the Kardashians and the Jenners. 

So what is all the hype about grills? This style is not simply an item that people wear for no particular reason. This is a true fashion statement. Wearing these will definitely allow one to stand out from the crowd. Many people want to take part in the newest and rising fashion trend, so this style has been particularly in high demand over the past several years. There are many people who are not familiar with this fashion style, but they can become knowledgeable in no time. 

Gold teeth is not an accessory. It is a fashion statement. Similar to how people choose sunglasses to fit their face shape and style, the same concept applies for grillz as well. In order to have the perfect item fit, it must match the teeth shape and size. This means that to get the perfect item to make a fashion statement, people need to wear gold grillz. But what exactly does this mean? Custom means to have it altered to fit each and every person according to their body type. In this case, the item being altered are teeth, so a custom gold grills means to have a pair of teeth that will fit perfectly to the person wearing them. 

Because the item is a custom product, it means that the owner of the product can decide on whichever style he or she wants. From the type of design to number of pieces, the owner of the product can decide on it all. Most importantly, people want to have the best of the best, so one of the most important factors of building a custom product is the type of material the product is made out of. Generally, grills can come in many different metals such as silver, dental gold, and yellow gold. However, out of these three categories, yellow gold is the most expensive. But compared to the other types of gold such as white gold and rose gold, yellow gold is the least expensive. Even though yellow gold is the least expensive of the three types of gold, people nonetheless pursue this metal the most. 

At, we offer the best custom gold teeth in the world. Each of our customers have the option of customizing his or her own teeth to his or her preference. We offer an endless number of combinations and designs. Our most popular option is the yellow gold teeth. Our customers love this simple, yet classy metal because it matches and goes with everything and anything. We offer our yellow gold in 10k, 14k, and 18k. The ‘k’ refers to the number of karats the gold pertains. In general, the higher the number of karats, the more valuable the metal is. This means that the 14k yellow gold has more karats than the 10k, but less karats than 18k. The difference in the number of karats refers to the amount of gold the item has. 10 karat includes 41.6% gold, 14k karat includes 58.5% gold, and 18 karat includes 75% gold. Out of the three different karats, 18k yellow gold products have the longest durability, and it also shines the brightest and longest. So for those who want the best of the best, 18k yellow gold option will be the best for you. We also recommend taking very good care of your grillz in order to extend the life of the item. 

Upon deciding on the type of metal, customers can choose their design next. We offer endless designs and styles, but some of the styles that we offer include the diamond dust, a setting that gives the appearance of small diamond flakes that shines from all angles; diamond cut, a setting that has cuts and etchings in the metal to shine in different angles; diamond, a setting that is iced-out with real, genuine diamonds in different clarity; open face, a setting that is cut out in the center to display a border around your teeth; solid, the most basic yet most popular design that has no alterations; princess cut, a setting that is cut and etched in the princess design; cubic zirconia, clear stones that aren’t diamonds to give the diamond appearance and not as expensive as authentic diamonds; permanent cut, cuts in between the teeth to provide a very realistic appearance; and deep cuts, cuts in between the teeth that are deeper than permanent cuts but do not give as much of a realistic appearance as permanent cuts. Given these designs and descriptions, our most popular design is the solid yellow gold design. Many of our customers also search for the Florida style, but that is simply the same as our deep cut design. 

Our website offers so many different designs and combinations that customers need to experience for themselves on their preference. From yellow gold to diamond cuts, we offer them all. Customers can access different designs on our easy-to-navigate website and make their own favorite combination to show off to all of their friends and families. Their special custom pair will definitely make them stand out from the crowd as they flash a great big smile on their faces.

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Lil Nas X Grillz

One week ago, the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) took place in Newark, New Jersey on August 26, 2019, at the Prudential Center. This was the 36th annual ceremony and front-runners Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Billie Eilish all won three awards each. While Taylor Swift won the Video of the Year for “You Need to Calm Down”and Ariana Grande won the Artist of the Year, a newcomer by the name of Lil Nas X took home the awards for the Song of the Year and Best Direction for “Old Town Road (Remix)”. People were not as familiar with Lil Nas X until his music became a hit over the past several months. So who exactly is this newcomer artist who flashes his smile while wearing grillz at red carpet events? 

Lil Nas X was born on April 9, 1999 by the name of Montero Lamar Hill in Lithia Springs, Georgia. He lived with his parents until they divorced when he was six years old, and after his parents’ divorce, he stayed with his mother and grandmother at a housing project. However, three years later, he decided to leave his mother and grandmother and moved in with his father. His reason for leaving his mother and grandmother was because he believed that the area they stayed in would have had a bad influence on him due to all of the negative activity surrounding the area. So, he made the decision to move in with his father to a city north of Austell, Georgia. During his teenage years, he dedicated much of his time to the Internet, as with many other teenagers around his age. He also attended Lithia Springs High School and graduated with the class of 2017 and began his post-secondary school at the University of West Georgia but dropped out after his freshman year. Upon dropping out, he lived with his sister and worked part-time jobs such as Zaxby’s and Six Flags Over Georgia to support himself financially.

Up until he dropped out of college, instead of spending time with other peers, he was constantly on different social media platforms trying to create memes and become an internet personality to promote his work. He started by creating Facebook comedy videos, then switched over to Instagram, then went to Twitter, which he excelled at. He also created fan accounts for Nicki Minaj on Twitter called “NasMaraj” and “FactsAboutNM.” Then in late October 2018, he switched gears to the music industry by writing and recording his own songs in his closet, and on December 3, 2018, he released the hit song that is known today as “Old Town Road”. 

Lil Nas X created about one hundred memes to promote “Old Town Road” before users on TikTok found it. In early 2019 during the #Yeehaw Challenge meme, the song went viral and millions of users used the song as their soundtrack and posted themselves dressed as a cowboy or cowgirl. The song was also picked up quickly by children because the lyrics are repetitive and easy to sing along to, while referencing horses and tractors, both subjects that are relatable to children. In the beginning, the song charted at number 83 on the BillBoard Hot 100 chart, but eventually turned to number one. It also charted at number 19 on the Hot Country Songs and at number 36 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. However, the song was removed from the Hot Country Songs chart due to a clash in genre, stating that it was not embrace enough country music. 

In March 2019, Lil Nas X officially signed with Columbia Records after being highly sought after through multiple record companies. A month after he signed, Lil Nas X created a remix with Billy Ray Cyrus and released it in April 2019. Within the same month, Nas X broke the record for the most U.S. streams in one week with 143 million streams for the second week of April, which surpassed Drake’s records of 116.2 million for “In My Feelings”, in July 2018. As of August 2019, “Old Town Road” has been streamed over one billion times on Spotify alone. In May 2019, the music video was released and as of last month, the video has over 370 million views. On June 21, 2019, Nas X released his debut EP, 7, and it became number two on the Billboard 200 chart. Two days later, he performed with Billy Ray Cyrus at the 2019 BET Awards, and on June 30, he made his international debut at the U.K.’s annual Glastonbury Festival. There, he made a surprise appearance on stage with Miley Cyrus and performed “Panini”, his newest single. He also came out as gay. He has also been applauded for his public fashion. Nas X appeared on the front cover of Teen Vogue’s June issue, sporting a smile and revealing his gold teeth

In late July 2019, Nas X received eight nominations for the 2019 MTV VMA’s. He is the first LGBTQ person ever to win the Best Song of the Year Award. In addition, he was nominated for five fan-chosen 2019 Teen Choice Awards and won the Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Song for “Old Town Road (Remix)”. “Old Town Road” also became Youtube’s top song of the summer in the U.S. and over fifty other countries worldwide. The duo, Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus, were nominated for the Country Music Association Awards collaboration category, CMA Music Event of the Year, and Nas X is the first out gay man to ever be nominated for the award. 

Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” has been, and is continuing to dominate the Billboard 100 chart as number one for a record of nineteen weeks straight. Over a year ago, the world did not know about this young artist, but now, he is internationally known. His hard work and dedication has contributed to his success in becoming a star, and he also looks good doing it with gold grillz. 

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American Celebrity Wears Gold Teeth Grillz

There has recently been an international controversy this past summer over an American celebrity known by the name of A$AP Rocky, a fellow gold grillz enthusiast. A$AP Rocky was on an international tour to play at multiple festivals across the world such as Moscow, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Ukraine up until July 21, 2019. There has been an unfortunate mishap on June 30 in Sweden that has prevented A$AP Rocky from performing in many countries over the summer. 

There has been a video footage that was released to show bits and pieces of the incident that occurred in Sweden. A$AP Rocky and his men were walking the streets in Sweden on June 30 when a group of men followed A$AP Rocky and his crew. The men who were following A$AP Rocky’s crew were repeatedly asked to stop following them, but the group of men denied and continued to follow. As they continued to follow, they began to taunt A$AP Rocky’s crew, and one of the men who was following attacked Rocky’s security guard with a pair of headphones. While on the camera of a bystander, Rocky clarifies that he and his friends simply want the group of men to leave them alone, but that does not seem to happen. Women in the background can be heard saying that the group of men following Rocky’s crew groped both her and her friend. Because the men would not stop following and taunting them, Rocky and his crew, acting out of self-defense, used physical action to make them stop. 

Rocky posted on his Instagram page that there were a few drug addicts who kept following him and his group in Sweden for 4 blocks while groping random girls along the way. Rocky then posts another video stating that he simply wants the men to stop following him and that he is innocent, but the Swedish are trying to arrest him. 

Because A$AP Rocky is an American who was arrested on Swedish grounds, there has been a controversy between Sweden and the US. Rocky voluntarily went to the police station to discuss the incident, but instead was arrested immediately. In addition, another controversy is that Sweden did not report to the American embassy in Stockholm to notify the American citizen’s arrest, which is not following protocol, and the American embassy has been barred from speaking with Rocky. Meanwhile, the Swedish embassy in Washington, D.C., was involved, but there has not been any specific news stating how. 

There has been news by A$AP Ferg stating that Rocky was placed in solitary confinement with no phone call or visiting privileges, and because of this, several of A$AP Rocky’s friends, such as Schoolboy Q and Lil Yachty, have declared a boycott on Sweden. A week from Rocky’s arrest, the Sweden Supreme Court denied Rocky’s appeal. Rocky’s lawyers attempted to push for his appeal stating that the rapper has already lost over $1 million and that this incident may end his career. 

In addition, Rocky’s manager began a petition to urge the Swedish government to release the rapper stating that he and his crew acted in self-defense against the taunters. It also states that the jail where Rocky is detained is a place that violates human rights because of its inhumane conditions with restriction of basic amenities, and that Rocky’s request to counsel has been denied which is a violation of Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. The petition had over 350,000 signatures with a huge support from Hollywood stars such as Michael B. Jordan and Post Malone, another artist who wears gold teeth

Rocky remained in jail for over 2 weeks without any decision on charges of whether he would be charged, hold him longer, or release him. However, the two men whom Rocky is accused of assaulting, out of self-defense, were under investigation for molestation and assault. 

Surprisingly, the State Department was involved due to special thanks to Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. It was stated that Kanye had Kim to make a call to Jared Kushner for Rocky’s release. Kushner then notified the US president Donald Trump of the incident and it led to Kushner, Pompeo, and O’Brien to further be involved. Several Congress members urged to act faster on Rocky’s release stating that it is unconscionable that young men who are doing well in life, being icons in the hip-hop community, and are very successful, are being unfairly treated in inhumane conditions. 

On the July 19 hearing, Rocky was ordered to be held in jail for another week due to a judge granting a prosecutor’s request. Donald Trump made a statement stating that A$AP Rocky has tremendous amount of support from the African-American community, which includes every single person people America is one. Then, Trump stated that he would have a call with the Swedish Prime Minister, and after the call stated that the Prime Minister assured Rocky’s safety. 

However, things did not go smoothly and Rocky was still held in jail. Rocky told his side of the story, stating that the men who taunted him appeared to have been on drugs and came at his group first. Rocky’s bodyguard also told his side of the story stating that he had a duty to protect Rocky and that they were only protecting themselves from the attackers. After being told repeatedly to stop, Rocky and his crew seemed to attack the taunters in self defense. Rocky’s bodyguard also stated that the men attempted to punch them first but missed the target. Women were who bystanders also took the stand stating that Rocky did not attack the men with glass bottles, even though others have said that he did. 

After numerous trials, the Swedish court system has still not come to a verdict, but the final verdict will be released on August 14, 2019. Until then, Rocky and his two crew members were allowed to return to the US until the final verdict came out. A$AP Rocky has also recently been spotted back in the US with Kendall Jenner, a model who has been seen rocking grillz. Meanwhile, the US is eager to hear of Rocky’s freedom and that justice should be served.

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Internet Sensation Wears Custom Gold Grillz

A few years ago, a young teenager became an internet sensation after she first appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil. Danielle Bregoli, also known by the stage name Bhad Bhabie, is currently an American rapper and internet personality when she was known by saying an infamous phrase many people know today as “Catch me outside, how about that.” Bregoli was born on March 26, 2003 in Boynton Beach, Florida to Barbara Ann Bregoli and Ira Peskowitz. Her mother is of Italian descent and her father is Jewish. However, soon after her birth, Bregoli’s mother and father separated and Bregoli was raised in a Catholic household by only her mother. She is currently still estranged from her father, who is known to work for the Palm Beach County Sheriff Office. 

Bregoli was first known on an episode of Dr. Phil known as “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime” on September 14, 2016. Bregoli’s mother wanted to discuss her daughter’s behavior on the show. During the show, the audience was laughing at Bregoli’s actions, and she became frustrated with the audience and said to the audience “Catch me outside, how about that?” She said this to try to challenge the audience to a fight outside of the studio, but later her signature line became a meme and she became known as the “Cash Me Outside’ Girl” due to the way she pronounced her words. During the initial filming, Bregoli was also known to have stolen one of the crew members’ car. Due to Bregoli’s actions from her initial filming, she reappeared again on the show without an audience on February 10, 2017. Bregoli was also involved in two public instances in February 2017 when she and her mother boarded a flight with another female airline passenger. The female passenger accused Bregoli’s mother of taking too much time to put her belongings into the overhead bin, so Bregoli punched the female passenger in the face, and the three of them were removed from the flight and were permanently banned from Spirit airlines for life. Bregoli was also involved in a fight outside of a bar during this month. 

On March 4, 2017, a single inspired and based on Bregoli’s appearance on Dr. Phil was recorded by DJ Suede The Remix God and entered the Billboard Hot 100 Streaming Songs and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts. The single rose to popularity with many series of dance videos in relation to the single being released on Youtube

While Bregoli’s signature catchphrase was quickly catching on to the internet, many companies were infringing her intellectual property rights. Bregoli and her mother sued three companies and threatened Walmart for using her signature catchphrase without pre- approved consent. Bregoli was nominated for the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards in the “Trending” category for her catchphrase. Also, after her appearance on Dr. Phil, Bregoli had to spend time at a Utah ranch for “troubled teens.” After her time in Utah, Bregoli was later arrested and pleaded guilty of charges of grand theft, marijuana possession, and false police report and was to receive a sentence to five years probation in July 2017. However, Bregoli hired a new lawyer and her probation ended much earlier in March of 2018. 

In early 2017, Bregoli began her music career when she was signed by music manager Adam Kluger. Although initially she received industry backlash, she came through when she released her first single “These Heaux” on August 24, 2017. Her first single reached number 77 on the Billboard Hot 100, making her the youngest female rap artist to debut music on the chart. Her success of her first single allowed her to sign into a multi-album recording contract with Atlantic Records. A month later in September, Bregoli released “Hi Bich”, which hit number 68 on the Billboard Hot 100, and she also released “Whachu Know” as a music video which received over 3 million views within 24 hours. In many of her music videos, viewers can see Bregoli wearing gold grillz. On March 26, 2018, Bregoli celebrated her birthday by releasing “Gucci Flip Flops” featuring Lil Yachty. Two days later, she received a gold certification from the RIAA for “Hi Bich”. On April 14, 2018, Bregoli began her first tour across North America and Europe with Asian Doll. On May 2, 2018, her music video for “Gucci Flip Flops” released and the song debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at number 80. She also received the 2018 Billboard Music Award nomination in the category for Best Female Rap Artist alongside Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. On August 15, 2018, Bregoli received gold certification from the RIAA for “Gucci Flip Flops”. On November 16, 2018, Bregoli began her second and third segments of her tour on the west coast of U.S. and Australia and New Zealand. 

It was later known that in 2018, Bregoli spent $40,000 on a custom gold grillz. Earlier this year in January 2019, Bregoli released 

“Babyface Savage” featuring Tory Lanez and “Bestie” featuring Kodak Black. Her song received much recognition and likes that it charted on Canada and also on Bubbling Under Hot 100 in the U.S., which extended her record of being the youngest female to have more entries in over 20 years. Also in January 2019, Bregoli announced an endorsement deal with Copycat Beauty and promoted the brand’s products on to her music videos on social media. The contract openly stated that Bregoli would make $900,000 in addition to a percentage of the sales for 6 months. After 6 months, it was noted that the deal was successful with the company’s sales spiking by reaching 500,000 on only the first day. Bregoli also released a trailer of her new reality show Bringing Up Bhabie which would feature details of her daily life and music career. The show is to be released as Snap Originals on Snapchat for 12 episodes for the first season. TMZ later reported that within the first 24 hours, there were ratings of over 10 million viewers. In addition, Bregoli is reported to make well over $10 million in 2019. 

This teenager is doing very well during her first few years of fame, and she’s doing it right with some gold teeth bling.

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Wu-Tang Clan Gold Grillz and Teeth

One of the most influential hip hop groups of all time is known as the
Wu Tang Clan. The Wu Tang Clan is an American hardcore hip hop
group based off of New York City. The group consists of a total of 10
artists who has released a large number of albums as a whole and
each individually. Several of the members often wore grillz as a part
of their hip hop culture. The Wu Tang Clan has released a total of 4
gold and platinum studio albums in their time as a group. Their 1993
debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), is considered to be
one of the greatest albums in hip hop history. The Clan received
many positive acclaims from multiple sources, such as Kris Ex of
Rolling Stones calling the group “the best rap group ever” and being
ranked as “the No. 1 greatest hip hop groups of all time” by About.
The Wu Tang Clan is composed of 10 artists which includes: East
Coast rappers RZA, GZA, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Method Man, Raekwon,
Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa, and a long
time collaborator turned official member in 2007, Cappadonna.
RZA was born as Robert Fitzgerald Diggs in 1969, and he was the de facto leader of the group. He entirely produced Enter the Wu-
Tang and a majority of other tracks from the group. Later on, he eventually scored multiple Hollywood films. Some of the works that
he scored include Kill Bill, The Protector, American Gangster, and
Afro Samurai. During RZA’s life, he received many offers from
several different record signing companies. Some of these
companies include Bad Boy Records, Aftermath Entertainment,
Interscope, and Def Jam. In the early year of 2007, RZA officially signed with SRC Records. Five years later in 2012, RZA directed, co-
wrote, and had the lead acting role in the movie The Man With the Iron Fists. GZA was born as Gary Grice in 1966, and he was the oldest member
of the group. He was also the most experienced member of the group
because he first began to rap in 1976, when hip hop was not as
popular and was only local in New York City. During this time, only a
handful of people were first spotted wearing gold grillz. GZA was the
first to release an album Words From the Genius in 1991. He is also
known to be the wisest MC of the group, and people know him for his
laid-back flow, deliberate style, and complex use of metaphor.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard was born as Russell Tyrone in 1968. He was known
as the most eccentric and erratic member of the group. He drew
much attention from the media and police due to his wild behavior.
Musically, Ol’ Dirty Bastard is known for his offbeat rhymes,
charismatic ulutations, slightly garbled style, and unpredictable vocal
inflections. Out of all the members of the Clan, Ol’ Dirty Bastard was
the most popular, and he also had high sales and had guest
appearances with entertainment industry giants such as Mariah Carey. However, on November 13, 2004, he collapsed in the Wu-
Tang’s recording studio and died nearly less than an hour after his collapse. After conducting an autopsy, his death was caused by a
drug overdose. Method Man was born as Clifford Smith in 1971, and he was the youngest member of the Clan. Despite his young age, he was the first
to release a solo album Tical. Compared to his group mates, he was
the most successful in the group while maintaining an underground
reputation. Method Man’s career was first highlighted by the platinum
sales and received a Grammy Award for I’ll Be There for You with
Mary J. Blige. He is recognized for his distinct voice and smooth yet
“grimy” flow. In addition to his musical career, he also had an
impeccable acting career and had his name appear in many film and
tv credits. He appeared in also comedy film and sitcoms, and the
most popular acting career was for The Wire. Despite some of his
surrounding people having conflict with The Notorious B.I.G., Method
Man’s friendship with The Notorious B.I.G. helped relieve the tension
between the people.
Raekwon was born as Corey Woods in 1970 and was given the
nickname “the chef.” He received this nickname due to having “lyrical
flavor” and for his ability to cook cocaine. His lyrics contained an extensive number of New York slang, which is delivered in a fast-
paced and aggressive manner. He is known for his vivid storytelling about wealth, power, and prestige which he was informed about
during his illegal drug trade. In addition, he has been seen around the
city wearing gold teeth to display his wealth. He received high praise
from fans and critics for his solo album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.
Ghostface Killah was born as Dennis Coles in 1970 and is known for
his distinctive, abstract, energetic, and emotional style of rapping. Out of all the members of the group, he is known to be the most
consistent. Due to his consistency, he released over 12 solo albums,
which is more than anyone else in the group.
Inspectah Deck was born as Jason Hunter in 1970 and is known to
be one of the star members of the group. He gained attention by
providing stand out performances on Wu-Tang albums and on other
members’ solo albums. He is also known for his ability to use
metaphors and deliver complicated rhyme schemes. Fans praised
him to be the stand out member on Wu-Tang Forever but the release
of his solo albums later failed to live up to the high expectations as he
had on Wu-Tang Forever. U-God was born Lamont Jody Hawkins in 1970 and had a relatively low profile with limited exposure in the group due to his incarceration.
He is known to deliver strong verses with a unique bass-like voice,
and style of blaxploitation rap.
Masta Killa was born as Elgin Turner in 1969 and is the only member
who was not an experienced rapper when the Clan formed. He was
mentored by GZA and delivered intelligent talk-rap style. He was the
last to release a solo album and it was well received by fans.
Cappadonna was born as Darryl Hill in 1969 and was the last to join
the group. He first started out as an affiliate but was clarified as a
official member since the 8 Diagrams album.

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Gold Teeth & Grillz Blinged at This Years Met Gala

Every year, there is an outstanding event that attracts attention from all over the world. Reporters, camera men and women, and paparazzi all anticipate each year for this event to occur. Not only can we find celebrities at this event, but we can also find fashion icons, athletes, and top artists. In 2019, people spotted Kanye West, an infamous grillz wearer on red carpet events, at this particular event. This famous event is known as the Met Gala. The Met Gala is also formally known as The Costume Institute Gala or the Met Ball. While some people know the purpose of the event, others may not know the meaning behind the flashy outfits and high publicity. The Met Gala is actually an annual fundraiser gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. The proceeds raised at the event support the exhibition at the Met Museum in Manhattan’s Upper East Side of New York City. The gala marks the opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit at the Met. The exhibition begins in May and runs for several months. For 2019, the Met Gala occurred on May 6, and the exhibition will run from May 9 to September 9. This is one of the most exclusive social events in the world, and is one of the biggest fundraising nights in New York City. In 2013, the gala raised $9 million, with a record of $12 million in 2014. Upon the most recent gala in 2019, the total amount of contribution has exceeded well over $200 million.

The Met Gala is a very exclusive event that is attended by people from the arts, fashion, high-society, film and music since 1948. Similar to how the Oscars is for the film industry and the Grammys is for the music industry, this event is considered to be the fashion industry’s premier annual red carpet event. This event is highly photographed, reviewed, critiqued, and emulated amongst the press. The gala occurs on the first Monday of May every year, and the Met museum is closed off to the public on that day. Each year, people see

pictures of the attendees wearing outstanding or eye- catching clothes. This is because the Met Gala promotes a different theme each year to celebrate the exhibition. In some years, the themes were thought to be unclear because it did not provide a clear directive, while other times the theme was thought to be more challenging to fit to one gender than the other. For the most recent theme in 2019, the theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion. To support the theme, Katy Perry, a gold teeth enthusiast, was seen wearing a chandelier dress. The theme sets the tone for the formal dress code for the evening. Attendees are expected to dress accordingly to match the theme of the event and this causes outfits to be created by the world’s leading fashion retailers such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Prada. Due to the exclusivity of this event, there is an annual guest list that is limited to approximately 650-700 people each year. If one does not get invited to the event, according to the event from 2014, individuals could purchase tickets for $30,000 or purchase a table for $275,000. Guests also receive notices about the restriction of selfies and social media inside the gala. The event is comprised of two parts: the cocktail hour and a formal dinner. During the cocktail hour, guests arrive to walk on the red carpet with photographers capturing their every move, tour the special themed exhibition for the year, and be seated before the dinner party begins and has a special entertainment from the entertainers of the day.

The history of the Met Gala runs all the way back to 1948, when it was first established by Eleanor Lambert. Lambert needed to raise money for the back then newly-founded Costume Institute and had to mark its first annual exhibit opening. The first gala in 1948 was comprised of only a midnight dinner with tickets selling at $50 each. For the first few decades, the gala did not stand out and it was one of the

multiple annual benefits for New York’s charitable institutions. While the event was not as well known to the public as it is today, the first attendees of the gala were almost entirely from the New York’s high society or the city’s fashion industry. The location of the gala did not begin in the Met Museum like it is today. The first several locations for the Met Gala were held at venues such as the Waldorf- Astoria, Central Park, and the Rainbow Room. However, it was not until 1973 that the Met Gala was known to be an exclusive luxurious event. The Gala was named as “the jewel in New York City’s social crown” after Diana Vreeland took over. Diana Vreeland was the Vogue magazine’s editor- in-chief and she became the consultant to the Costume Institute in 1972. Due to her legacy, she had the event to be more celebrity-oriented with guests such as Andy Warhol, Diana Ross, and Cher at the event. The Gala also moved locations of the venue to the Met Museum and themes were also introduced while Vreeland was the appointed consultant. In 1995, Anna Wintour, the Vogue editor-in-chief, became the chairwoman of the Gala and oversaw the benefit committee and the guest list. Every year, there are different co-chairs and honorary chairs to accompany the gala. Some well-known people to hold these positions include Beyonce in 2013, Taylor Swift in 2016, and Pharrell Williams, a custom gold grillz wearer, in 2017, and Rihanna in 2018.

For the 2019 Met Gala, approximately 48% of the guest list were actors, like Emily Blunt, 32% of guest list were from fashion, such as Tom Ford, Donatella Versace, and Miuccia Prada. The hosts and co-hosts for the event were Lady Gaga, Alessandro Michele, Harry Styles, and Serena Williams. This year’s exhibition was stated to be the biggest exhibition yet, stretching over three galleries with 58,600 sq.ft. The three galleries consist of the Anna Wintour Costume Center and the medieval rooms in the Met on Fifth

Ave., and the Cloisters in far northern Manhattan. The Met Gala is an extraordinary event that is attended by the top stars, but the purpose of the event is to raise funds for the Costume Institute.

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Coachella Stars Wear Custom Gold Grillz

One of the most popular music festivals in the world, also known as Coachella, happened last month in April 2019. Coachella is short for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which is also called the Coachella Festival. While some people may have recently heard about Coachella for the first time, the popular music festival actually first began in 1999. The annual music and arts festival is located every year in Indio, California at the Empire Polo Club. The music genres that are performed at this event usually consists of rock, pop, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music. There have been many famous artists who have performed at Coachella such as Beyonce, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Madonna. These four artists have also been spotted wearing gold grillz at many events. Since Coachella is a music and arts festival, there are also visuals of art installations and sculptures at this event by varying artists and sculptors. Over the years, Coachella has expanded due to popular demand and the layout of the main stage setup consists of the Coachella stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, Sahara Tent, Yuma stage, and the Sonora stage. Coachella was first founded in 1999 by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen and was organized by Goldenvoice, which is a subsidiary of AEG Live. Due to Coachella’s major success, AEG Live later developed two more music festivals at the same Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. These two music festivals are the Stagecoach Country Music Festival, which was established in 2007, and the Desert Trip, which was established in 2016 as a classic rock-oriented festival.

The history of Coachella first began in 1993 when the Pearl Jam concert had to relocate to the Empire Polo Club because of boycotted venues in Los Angeles when a dispute with Ticketmaster company broke out. The parent company Goldenvoice struggled financially because there was an increase in larger company competitors in the area, the Paul Tollett first pitched the idea of having a music festival at the Empire Polo Club. The first music festival to take place at the Empire Polo Club was in 1997 at the Glastonbury Festival. Since Goldenvoice was already financially unstable, Tollett realized that it would be difficult to acquire top chart artists to perform at the festival, so he reached out to a group of less trendy artists that would still attract people to spectate. After two years of actively promoting and pitching their festival idea and gathering funds, Coachella first launched on October 9-10, 1999. The site was validated to host large events and that led to the inaugural Coachella Festival being held for the course of two days in 1999.

The 1999 Coachella had lead headliners: Beck, Tool, and Rage Against the Machine. Tickets were first sold for $50 per day and 37,000 people attended. Since it was the first time the event occured, there was free parking and free water bottles upon entry since the event took place in over 100 degrees heat. Due to heavy promoting and not enough tickets sold, Goldenvoice initially lost $850,000, but this was to be expected. However, there was no 2000 Coachella because of the oversaturation of music festivals in Southern California.

Coachella made another festival in 2001 as a single-day event, due to the unavailable acquiring of talent. The only headliner for the 2001 festival was Jane’s Addiction. Ticket prices were raised to $65 and 35,000 tickets were sold. Due to financial instability, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) acquired Goldenvoice in March 2001 for $7 million, but Paul Tollett still had full control over Coachella after the acquisition. Once again, Coachella experienced a loss of a low six figure sum amount.

In 2002, Coachella was made into a two-day event with headliners Bjork and Oasis. Coachella reached out to local artists as well and Queens of the Stone Age became the first local band to perform at Coachella. Over 55,000 tickets were sold and for the first time, the festival nearly broke out even. In 2003, the show headliners were the Beastie Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Tickets increased to $75 per day or $140 for two days with 60,000 attendees. This was the first year that spectators were first allowed to camp on site. Coachella finally began to develop worldwide interest while it became nationally known throughout the country. In 2004, the headliners were Radiohead and The Cure. This was the first year that Coachella sold out on tickets and sold 110,000 tickets. This was also the first time that Coachella had attendees from all 50 states in the U.S. During this year, AEG also purchased half of Coachella from Tollett. In 2005, the headliners were Coldplay and Nine Inch Nails with over 100,000 people attending. In 2006, the headliners were Depeche Mode and Tool. Madonna and Daft Punk also made smaller performances. In 2006, 120,000 people attended and the festival grossed $9 million.

In 2007, Coachella turned into a three-day event. The headliners included: Bjork, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rage Against the Machine. There were 187,000 attendees, and the festival grossed $16.3 million. In 2008, the show headliners were Prince, Roger Waters, and Jack Johnson. This was the first year that Coachella did not sell out since 2003 while still having 152,000 people attend. The festival grossed $13.8 million but ended up losing money due to the high booking fees of Prince. In 2009, the headliners included: Paul McCartney, The Killers, and The Cure. There was a total of over 150,000 people, and the festival grossed $15.3 million. In 2010, the headliners included: Jay-Z, Muse, and Gorillaz. Jay-Z is known as one of the Hollywood artists to wear bedazzling gold teethThere were 225,000 people at the event, with the event grossing $21.7 million. However, due to the eruption of the volcano in Iceland, some of the supporting acts were cancelled since people could not fly out from Iceland. In 2011, the headliners consisted of Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Kanye West/ The Strokes. The festival consisted of 225,000 people while grossing $24.9 million. Because overcrowding started to become an issue, Goldenvoice made several investments and improvements to help this problem.

In 2012, Coachella became a two-weekend event. The 2012 headliners included The Black Keys, Radiohead, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg. This was a special year because a tribute was made with a system that projected a hologram of the famous deceased Tupac Shakur. Over 158,000 tickets were sold, grossing $47.3 million. In 2013, the show headliners were The Stone Roses/Blur, Phoenix, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The city of Indio and Goldenvoice came to an agreement to keep the Coachella Festivals at that location until 2030. Goldenvoice also purchased an additional 280 acres of land surrounding the Empire Polo Club for $30 million to help with the overcrowding problem and provide more space and parking. Tickets were sold at $349 per day with 180,000 tickets sold. The festival grossed $67.2 million. In 2014, the headliners were the Outkast, Muse, and Arcade Fire. The General Admission tickets sold out in less than 20 minutes of when the tickets first went on sale, and the

VIP tickets, which cost over $5,000, sold out in less than three hours. During this year, 579,000 people attended, while grossing $78.3 million. This was the 4th consecutive year that Coachella was named the Top Festival at the Billboard Touring Awards.

In 2015, the festival headliners were AC/DC, Jack White, and Drake. For the second year in a row, the General Admission tickets sold out in less than 20 minutes again. During this event, 198,000 people attended, which grossed $84.2 million. Coachella 2015 was given the Major Music Festival of the Year award from Pollstar. In 2016, the headliners were LCD Soundsystem, Guns N’ Roses, and Calvin Harris. Goldenvoice increased an additional 50 acres in venue size, and the Indio City Council raised the attendance cap from 99,000 to 126,000 people. There was a total of 198,000 people, which grossed $94.2 million.

In 2017, Coachella changed to a three-weekend event. The 2017 headliners included Radiohead, Lady Gaga, and Kendrick Lamar. There were 250,000 total attendees, which grossed $114.6 million. In 2018, the headliners consisted of The Weeknd, Beyonce, and Eminem. Beyonce, a fellow grillz wearer, was supposed to perform in the 2017 event, but she had to withdraw because she was pregnant and decided to perform in 2018 instead. During Beyonce’s performance, she paid tribute to the culture of historically black colleges and universities and support black feminism. In 2019, the headliners included Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, and Ariana Grande. This past year, Coachella celebrated its 20th anniversary of the music and arts festival.

During the past recent years, Coachella staged new records for festival attendance and gross revenues. Each year, more and more people want to attend this infamous event, while tickets are very difficult to acquire. Coachella is a music festival that does not discriminate the popularity of the artist. Coachella has showcased popular and established musical artists and groups, emerging artists, and reunited groups. Due to Coachella’s long time efforts of establishing a successful music and arts festival, it is now known as one of the largest, most famous, and most profitable music festivals in the world.