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White Gold Teeth Grillz

The majority of people in the world want to look their best at all times.
People want to match their clothes to their accessories in order for
them to stand out from the crowd. Many people want others to notice
their amazing style while others simply want to dress their best in
order to feel their best. People tend to follow the latest fashion trends
and keep up with all of the current styles. People rely on the fashion
designers, celebrities, and others in order to find a style that they can
relate to. Fashion designers display their latest fashion during the
infamous fashion weeks held in New York, Europe, and other
countries around the world. Celebrities such as the Kardashians, the
Jenners, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Kanye West, and others have a
reputation of their own so they follow the fashion trends that suit them
best. Kylie Jenner launched her own cosmetics line, including her
infamous lip kit, and pretty soon, the entire world was demanding for
them and the lip kit sold out within minutes of its launch.
Similar to these fashion trends that people go crazy for, within the hip
hop and rap culture, we have our own infamous fashion statement:
gold teeth. The hip hop stars such as Drake, Rihanna, and Jay-Z are
known for wearing this fashion accessory. The trend has gotten so
big that even non- hip hop stars wear them. The number of people
wearing this fashion statement is growing exponentially. The number
of cities that are demanding more grillz are increasing. From New
York in the northeast, Atlanta and Florida in the South, and Los
Angeles in the West, the number of people wearing the prominent
accessory is at its peak, and the numbers are increasing every
second, every day. For those people who have not already hopped
on the bandwagon, they will surely find themselves buying a pair
sooner or later.
Just like how the world is a diverse place with all different types of
people, the world of gold grillz is relatively the same. There are
many different types of designs, metals, and pieces to choose from.
One of the most popular options we carry is the white gold teeth.
White gold is different from yellow gold because it is gold mixed with
different alloys. Compared to the other metals that we carry, the price
of white gold is more expensive than dental gold, yellow gold, and
silver because there are more metals that are being used to make
white gold. Although many people may say that white gold and silver
look similar, there is a huge difference between the two. Even though

at first glance white gold and silver may look the same, eventually the
difference between the two metals will stand out drastically. White
gold lasts much longer than silver and the shine does not go away as
quickly as silver. Silver, on the other hand, tends to tarnish at a much
faster rate than white gold. So in the long run, although silver is much
cheaper, the durability of the white gold will last longer.
Here at 14kgoldteeth, we offer custom grillz in white gold in 10k and
14k. The 10k white gold consists of 41.6% gold while the 14k white
gold consists of 58.5% gold. The higher the number of karats, the
higher the percentage of gold in the product. A product that has a
higher karat number will last longer and will maintain its color and
shine longer as well.
Along with white gold, we also offer our teeth in many different styles
and designs. One of our newest designs is the diamond dust design,
which is a visual of the surface of the teeth to resemble that of small
diamond dust scattered all over it. Under the light, the diamond dust
style shines ever so brightly at all angles. For those who want to be
extravagant, we also offer the diamond design, which is small actual
diamonds in one of the three different grades: SI, VVS, and VS.
These authentic diamonds are then placed to the design that the
customer chooses, whether it be iced out, flooded, or bordered. As
opposed to the authentic diamonds, we offer the iced out design,
which is a similar look to the diamond design without using real
diamonds. The stones that we use for the iced out design is cubic
zirconia, which is a clear stone that appears to look similar to the
diamonds although not as shiny. Another popular design is the
diamond cut, which are etchings into the face of the tooth in order to
resemble shine like a diamond. There is also the princess cut, which
is a diamond cut into the shape of a square-like princess diamond. A
popular design is also the open face, which is a cutout of the center
face to display the enamel through the cutout while leaving a border
along the tooth. Next, we have the permanent cut, where the spaces
in between the teeth are deeper with a more natural appearance. On
the other hand, we also have the deep cut, where the spaces in
between the teeth are deeper but does not appear to look as natural.
Finally, we have the classic solid design, which has no design, cuts,
stones, or etchings on the face of the tooth. Many people ask us if we

offer Florida style grillz, and the answer to that is yes. The Florida
style is the same as the deep cut style that we offer.
Customers can also choose the number of pieces that they would like
and also the position of the teeth. Customers can choose to add
extended fangs for more of a vampire-like feel. With so many
possibilities and combinations, we would like all of our customers to
choose carefully when picking their design. We want all of our
customers to be more than satisfied with their hand-picked design
because it will be a fashion statement that will last a lifetime with
proper care.

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