Top & Bottom Yellow Gold Teeth Grillz – TBY 30016



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We guarantee real gold!!!

Gold teeth buyers from all over the world seek a company that uses an exact amount of gold in each product. is the only company that guarantees an exact percentage of gold usage in every single gold teeth product. Our products are never plated and we use real gold to perfect each grillz. Every product from is custom made by our finest designers and each product has a stamp on the back to indicate the purity of the gold. The amount of gold we use in each product is determined by the karat that our customers can choose from upon purchasing their finely handcrafted gold teeth. With the proper care and usage of our gold teeth, our gold teeth will maintain its purity.


10k gold teeth – 41.6% gold
14k gold teeth – 58.5% gold
18k gold teeth – 75% gold

* This product is not intended for any medical purposes

Additional information

Gold Karat

10K Gold, 14K Gold, 18K Gold

Deep Cut

No, Yes

Number of Teeth

4 Top & 4 Bottom, 6 Top & 6 Bottom, 8 Top & 8 Bottom

Molding Kit



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